Beyond the Clouds, Lenica Jan, Polish Poster

film movie poster: Beyond the Clouds, Lenica Jan, 1996

Po tamtej stronie chmur, Beyond the Clouds, Lenica Jan

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Pl./Orig. TitlePo tamtej stronie chmur
En./Orig. TitleBeyond the Clouds
Poster Artist Lenica Jan
Categoryfilm movie poster
Film CountryItaly, France, Germany
DirectorAntonioni Michelangelo
ActorsF. Ardant, I. Jacob, J. Malkovich, S. Marceau, M. Mastroianni, J Moreau, P. Weller, J. Reno
Year of Print1996
Poster NationalityPoland
SizeB1: ca. 97x68 cm
Poster id: lenica_jan_po_tamtej_stronie
Original film title: Par-dela les nuages


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