Ihnatowicz Maria - Mucha Posters

Graphic designer and poster designer * Born in Brześć on Bug, 1 Dec. 1937 * 1957-1962 she studied at the Graphic Department of the Warsaw Academy of of Fin Arts, graduating from H. Tomaszewski studio * From 1968 she was art director of the Świat Mody (Fashion World) magazine * She designed covers for the KIK publishing series of PIW (State Publishing Institute) from the mid-1960s to the 1990s.

Under the Vulcano
Pod wulkanem
artist: Ihnatowicz Maria Mucha
year of print: 1985
price: EUR 91
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Believe Me!
Uwierzcie mi!
artist: Ihnatowicz Maria Mucha
year of print: 1986

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